QKOPY on Nippah Outbreak

During the Nipah virus attack, the health authorities advised people to download the Qkopy app for authentic information. The app came handy for the authorities for disseminating the real status and fight the disinformation campaign during the post-flood epidemic as well.

                        Qkopy was the only social communication platform used by the Kozhikode district administration to fight fake messages spreading through WhatsApp and other social media platforms during the outbreak of Nipah. The district health authorities found Qkopy as an amicable solution for propagating awareness and directions to people in the Nipah virus-affected areas in the district.

             With Qkopy, the receiver has to simply download the app and save the contact of the informant. For instance, people were asked to download the app and save the number of the local Health Department. Whatever information the Health Department shares will reach the user through Qkopy App

So far thousands of people had already made use of the technology for reliable messages, developed by the Qkopy 

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