The Story of Our Startup

Qkopy Online Services Pvt Ltd is a Social Communication Startup based in Kozhikode Incubated under Kerala Startup Misson at UL CyberPark. Qkopy is a contact-based social mobile app for communication, broadcasting, and propagation of information updates through a valid mobile number in a more targeted and discoverable way.

                       Co-founded by three ambitious entrepreneurs  Arun Perooli, Rajiv Surendran & Rahul KC, a  story of half a decade of experiments and failures has finally enrolled as a startup by January 2018. From prototype to a public beta it took 3 months and by the end of May 2018, we were able to release the first public version of the App.  From the day of release to today we were able to offer our service to governments and may public sector organizations and in 10 months from the day of public release, Qkopy has its presence at 4 major locations in Kerala namely Trivandrum, Kochi, Kozhikode and Kannur with more than 50 thousand users.

                       Qkopy provides a platform for the public to register and signup with their own mobile number. This mobile number will be the unique id of every user. From this unique id based profile, users can post updates like text an media content. The users who have this unique id or the mobile number contact of this user can view read and share the post updates. The user will get only the updates from the person whose mobile number contact is saved with their mobile phone.  Hence the user can keep his or her mobile number private. No sharing of mobile number is required to get updates from the interest he or she wants to follow

                     Qkopy is a Mobile Application available on both Android and iOS(iPhone) Platforms. The platform works on contact syncing technology to connect contacts, we have adopted all the latest tech and custom-designed algorithms for enhancing the performance of the platform. We have optimized the platform both design-wise and technology-wise to provide the best user experience.